The NATO Support and Procurement Agency (NSPA) has announced the handover of the Virtual Battle Space (VBS) software for the Spike LR Anti-Tank Guided Missile (ATGM).

It was delivered to the Belgium Directorate General Material Resources – Section Land Systems.

Bohemia Interactive Simulations (BIS) was awarded a contract by NSPA, on behalf of Belgium, in September 2021 to integrate the Spike LR ATGM into the VBS software.

According to NSPA, the software’s final acceptance took place in the Belgian Army Simulation Center (CSIM).

It was carried out along with the instructor and operator training provided by BIS.

NSPA Air and Land Combat Systems programme manager Robert Elvish said: “The purpose of the project was to integrate a realistic simulation of the SPIKE weapon system into the VBS software.

“This will allow the SPIKE operators to train more effectively on tactical scenarios developed by the instructors.”

The VBS software enables armed forces to conduct tactical training in a comprehensive virtual training environment.

It allows mission rehearsals for land, sea and air domains before executing them in the battlefield.

The integration of the Spike LR ATGM into the VBS will offer gunners an opportunity to use the missile’s visual representation and get familiarised with its range, flight path and firing modes in realistic scenarios.

Developed by Israel-based Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, Spike LR ATGM is a combat-proven fire and forget missile that hits targets accurately.

In June this year, BIS won a contract to deliver its VBS4 and VBS Blue image generator (IG) for UK military training.