BAE Systems has partnered with three defence companies to work on the initial design of the US Army’s Optionally Manned Fighting Vehicle (OMFV).

The companies include QinetiQ, Elbit Systems of America, and Curtiss-Wright

The latest announcement comes after BAE Systems submitted an OMFV design proposal to the US Army this month. 

BAE Systems said that the four companies will work together to develop a next-generation, purpose-built, and innovative combat vehicle.

It will be designed in accordance with the US Army’s requirements for a lethal, agile, and survivable solution that can support future land combat missions.

Elaborating on how the collaboration will work, BAE Systems stated that the OMFV will have a BAE Systems and Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions developed design that will follow Modular Open Systems Architecture standards.

It will allow the user to upgrade the vehicle with new capabilities to counter future adversaries. Both companies will also deliver key electronics and control systems for the OMFV.

Elbit will provide its 50mm Uncrewed Turret (UT50), featuring an XM913 50mm cannon and an ammunition handling system.

BAE Systems and QinetiQ are developing/integrating Hybrid Electric Drive technology with the OMFV to ensure the speed, reliability, and manoeuvrability of the vehicle in contested and harsh battlefield scenarios.

BAE Systems Combat Mission Systems vice-president and general manager Andy Corea said: “Together, we have continually researched, developed, innovated and delivered and we believe our team can provide a purpose-built vehicle with winning solutions for future battlefields and, most importantly, for men and women who put their lives on the line for us each and every day.”

The draft request for the proposal for OMFV’s preliminary digital design phase was released by the US Army in 2020.