The Swiss Federal Office for Defense Procurement (armasuisse) has awarded a contract to BAE Systems Hägglunds to extend the service life of the army’s CV9030 combat vehicles.

The life-extension programme is expected to keep the fleet of 186 vehicles operational until 2040, as well as boost its ability in some specific areas.

BAE Systems Hägglunds MD Tommy Gustafsson-Rask said: “We are truly proud to be awarded this life-extension contract by armasuisse.

“We look forward to further deepening the relationship with our Swiss customer and working together with the army, as well as national and regional industry for many years to come.

“Together we are making sure this proven vehicle remains modern and capable through 2040 and beyond.”

The improvements will be based on the previous issues faced with the optical, electrical and electronic components.

Also included in the programme is the installation of Active Damping technology that is expected to decrease wear and tear, reduce through-life repair costs, boost speed in terrain and ride comfort.

The improved electronics architecture will aid the adaptation to the technology growth of the future.

A 360° surveillance system will be installed on the vehicles, which will increase the situational awareness, combat effectiveness, and survivability.

Under the programme, BAE Systems will work with multiple suppliers from Switzerland. The selected companies will supply electronic boxes, electrical cables, and mechanical components.

RUAG is one of the suppliers and will deliver a new auxiliary power unit in partnership with BAE Systems.