BAE Systems has announced the successful demonstration of its APKWS laser guidance kits, along with high-explosive anti-tank anti-personnel anti-materiel (HEAT/APAM) warheads.

According to the company, the rockets supported by the APKWS guidance kits ‘went three for three against armoured targets’.

The rockets were tested against armoured targets including a steel plate and an armoured military vehicle.

In a statement, BAE noted: “All test shots were direct hits, defeating fortified targets at range.”

The test validated the system’s ability to engage multiple targets, thus enabling its use in various missions.

APKWS guidance kits allow the rockets to function as smart munitions for precision strikes against equipment, soft targets, and armoured targets.

The guidance kits can be easily integrated with 70mm Hydra rocket components, including new and existing inventories of motors, warheads, fuses, launchers, and laser target designators.

The kits also facilitate easy assembly and can be fired from various launch platforms such as fighter jets, combat helicopters, ground vehicles, and remote weapon stations.

In addition, the HEAT/APAM warheads from General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems provide the ability to penetrate thick armour.

BAE Systems APKWS programme manager Sam Kirsh said: “We’re giving our customers more in-mission options for precision strikes against tougher targets.

“APKWS guidance kits with HEAT/APAM warheads provide a low-cost, lightweight, easy-to-deploy strike capability against armoured and unarmoured targets.”

In March this year, BAE Systems completed the acquisition of US-based software company Bohemia Interactive Simulations.

The $200m deal closed nearly four months after BAE signed a definitive agreement to acquire the firm.