BAE Systems has launched a Robotic Operations Center (ROC) to help streamline IT operations in support of US national security missions.

The ROC is intended to deploy suites of software robots to automate high-volume, repetitive tasks.

The centre will bring machine learning capabilities and robotic process automation (RPA) tools to US defence and intelligence communities.

Using the tools, the centre will convert huge data into actionable intelligence. The ROC will also increase the use of automation in IT operations.

BAE Systems intelligence solutions vice-president and general manager Peder Jungck said: “The emphasis on security is driving a significant increase in the collection of data across the IT enterprise, giving analysts access to more data in greater detail than ever before.

“RPAs augment a human analyst’s capability by allowing them to focus on high-value tasks, rather than tedious and repetitive actions, leading to faster and better decision-making.

“The ROC streamlines IT operations, helping customers to take advantage of the vast sea of information to improve responsiveness while reducing cost and security risk.”

BAE Systems noted that the ROC will provide best practices and enable standardisation of software robots or bots.

These bots can be installed at server or enterprise level or in a Cloud environment to enable automation of tasks.

The ROC’s ability to enforce security and governance measures for both attended and unattended bots can be tapped to scale automation to a larger number of bots.

Furthermore, the firm provides onsite assistance to enable the deployment of the bots and implementation of RPA technology.

BAE Systems Intelligence and Security acting chief technology officer Jon Dorn said: “RPA technology allows for automation of legacy and disparate IT systems, integration of business processes, and structuring of large data sets, which can improve efficiency and reduce operating costs.

“We use our expertise in defence and intelligence to provide customers with a tailored solution that meets the highest security standards.”

The company is showcasing the ROC at the ongoing DoDIIS 2019 Worldwide Conference in Tampa, Florida, US.