BAE Systems has received a contract to develop an advanced radar jamming technology for the US Army’s rotary-wing and unmanned aircraft.

The research and development (R&D) contract requires the firm to work on the creation of radar jamming technology to improve ‘air survivability and mission effectiveness’ for aircraft.

The technology will help army platforms detect and defeat ‘complex and unknown threats in electronic combat’, BAE Systems said.

The company’s R&D group FAST Labs is developing the technology that will combine adaptive radio frequency jamming and sensing capabilities into a single system.

BAE Systems noted that it will demonstrate a technology that is smaller and lighter than current electronic countermeasure systems.

In a statement, BAE Systems said: “BAE Systems technology will combine multiple, software-programmable antennas into a digital phased array that will enable simultaneous functions, exceeding existing capabilities while reducing the size, weight, and power (SWaP) of current systems.”

The proposed technology will allow rotary-wing and UAS platforms to safely fly closer to threats, the British firm added.

BAE Systems FAST Labs radio frequency, electronic warfare, and advanced electronics product line director Chris Rappa said: “With the continuously evolving threat landscape, it’s critical to provide the next-generation of digital phased array technology to better defend our armed forces in electronic warfare.

“Our technology will give the army’s rotary-wing aircraft and UAS a new, low SWaP system to securely and drastically increase their range of movements in future missions.”

The technology will improve the protection and survivability of aircraft in contested areas.

The company will perform the R&D work under the contract at its facilities in Nashua and Merrimack in New Hampshire, US.