The German Federal Office of Bundeswehr Equipment, Information Technology and In-Service Support (BAAINBw) has issued a second Request for Proposal (RFP) for the development of ground-based tactical air defence system, TLVS.

The RFP for the future integrated air and missile defence (IAMD) system has been received by the TLVS bidders consortium, which is a joint venture (JV) between MBDA Deutschland and Lockheed Martin.

TLVS JV managing director Dietmar Thelen said: “This second RFP is based on the first RFP. It addresses the results of our negotiations and aligns the TLVS offering with Germany’s new approach to acquisition reform, called Agenda Rüstung, focusing on military capabilities, transparency and risk management to ensure a successful contract.”

The MBDA and Lockheed Martin JV is expected to serve as the prime contractor for the delivery of the new TLVS system.

The project is expected to generate several hundred high-tech job opportunities in both Germany and the US.

“The TLVS system will help transform the defence capabilities of the unified German Armed Forces (Bundeswehr).”

TLVS JV managing director Gregory Kee said: “The comprehensive negotiations phase decisively increased our common understanding regarding risks and possible solutions and will ensure the TLVS tender fully addresses BAAINBw requirements.’

The two companies are jointly responsible for submitting a proposal in response to the second RFP in anticipation of the contract award slated for next year.

Designed as an advanced, networked 360° IAMD system, the TLVS features netted-distributed capability in addition to open plug and fight interface.

It is claimed to be the only existing system that has the ability to flexibly react to evolving threats using force that is specifically customised to address the mission.

The TLVS system will help transform the defence capabilities of the unified German Armed Forces (Bundeswehr).

In March this year, the JV was established to support the delivery of the next-generation TLVS IAMD system to Bundeswehr.