Cybersecurity threat detection and response solutions provider Axellio has secured a US Army follow-on contract to expand a previous cybersecurity agreement.

Under the $25.7m contract, the company will further provide its Axellio Packet Capture Node (APCN) system to additional sites for three more years.

For last year’s contract, the company was chosen to develop and employ a prototype system.

The system intended for US Army’s Garrison networks to examine and identify ‘anomalous behaviour and intrusions’.

US Army Defensive Cyber Operations Cyber Platforms and Systems product manager lieutenant colonel Michael Lind said: “The US Army is very satisfied with the results of the program to this point. So much so, that it wants to expand the efforts to additional areas.

“The strong teamwork of Axellio, Sealing Tech and the army staff has been instrumental in this contract, executing and delivering flawlessly. As a result, the army’s cybersecurity defences are far more robust.”

As part of its ongoing work under the original contract, Axellio developed a new platform that enables the army to ‘ingest, store and distribute’ traffic at about 100Gb per second (Gbps).

The flexible and modular design of the platform allowed the army to smoothly integrate and operationalise the complete solution.

Axellio CEO Bill Miller said: “The Axellio system combines the latest in threat detection and response technology with our proven expertise in delivering cost-effective solutions.

“This innovative approach is clearly a perfect fit for the army, as it defends itself from an increasing number of sophisticated cyber-attacks that are designed to infiltrate its networks.”

Last month, Axellio integrated its APCN into the US Army’s Defensive Cyber Operations (PM-DCO) system.

In September last year, the US DoD confirmed that it is working to enhance cybersecurity amid increasing threats from adversaries.