The Australian Maritime Alliance’s (AMA) ‘Oboe’ design for the LAND 8710 Phase 1A Littoral Manoeuvre Vessel – Medium (LMV-M) tender has received structural approval in principle (AiP).

The approval has been granted by the DNV certification body.

The proposed independent landing craft is set to replace the Australian Army’s existing LCM-8 vessels.

With increased load carrying capacity, the amphibious vessel ‘Oboe’ will support the Australian Army and allies in carrying a wide range of combat vehicles.

The vessel’s spacious accommodation and extended range will facilitate long endurance operations in any environmental condition.

Its design flexibility will also help the army stay battle-ready.

In 2021, the Australian Government announced that it would invest over $577.04m (A$800m) in the Littoral Manoeuvre – Light project, LAND 8710 Phase 1.

The Australian Government, through the funding, intended to acquire Australian-built amphibious vehicles and landing craft.

The government also aimed to offer opportunities for the Australian industry through vehicle design, maintenance, and life support phases.

The vessels are meant to provide the Australian Defence Forces (ADF) with the capability to conduct independent ship-to-shore, shore-to-shore, and over-the-shore operations.

The vessels will allow the ADF to deploy personnel quickly and effectively at home and in support of allies.

AMA is a joint venture between Serco Australia and Civmec.

Serco Defence managing director Clint Thomas said the new vessel will have the potential to meet the army’s operational criteria. 

Thomas said: “This design represents the next-generation in amphibious capability for [the] Army, and with a stellar line-up of the best Australian industry has to offer, AMA is set to deliver just that.”

With production units located in Henderson, Western Australia, Civmec offers enhanced shipbuilding capacity.