The Australian Department of Defence (Dod) has unveiled a new transformation strategy to provide defence with a framework to boost its strategic purpose, performance and accountability.

The ‘Lead the Way: Defence Transformation Strategy’ framework will increase the capability of defence to identify and grab opportunities to transform the enterprise and boost the delivery of the objectives.

It outlines different initiatives to focus on areas that include driving of enhanced build and delivery of vital military capability and the strengthening of the approach to Australian industry capability.

It also aims to adopt a strategic approach to boost the resilience and supply chain assurance of the department and improve the workforce planning, learning and management.

Additionally, it aims to boost the performance measurement, reporting framework, engagement and communications.

Australian Defence Minister Linda Reynolds said: “In July, the Prime Minister and I announced the 2020 Defence Strategic Update which addresses strategy, by outlining this government’s response to the challenges Australia faces while setting out adjustments to Defence planning.

“We also announced the 2020 Force Structure Plan, which addresses capability by detailing new and adjusted capability initiatives.

“This includes an investment of A$275bn in defence capability over the next decade to upgrade the capability and potency of the Australian Defence Force.

“Reform, the third priority, keeps Defence organisationally fit to implement its strategic and capability priorities.”

Last week, the Government of Australia released the enhanced active phased array and passive radar capability Sovereign Industrial Capability Priority Plan.