The Australia Department of Defence and the industry are set to manufacture and deliver more than 15,000 lifesaving Silvershield units to Afghanistan.

The Afghanistan National Defense and Security Forces will receive the units this year.

Being developed under the Redwing programme, Silvershield is a vehicle-mounted system. It protects the army against radio-controlled improvised explosive devices.

The enhanced capability of the system will empower the Afghan National Defence and Security Forces to operate more efficiently in a high-threat environment.

Australia Minister for Defence Linda Reynolds said: “The Redwing programme is one of Australia’s largest contributions to the Afghan security forces through the Afghan National Army Trust Fund.

“We are extremely proud to produce life-saving force protection systems for our Afghan partners to help address the evolving threat of improvised explosive devices in Afghanistan.”

Silvershield units will be assembled at the L3 Micreo facility in Brisbane, Australia.

The components of the vehicle-mounted system have been sourced from companies across the country.

Companies producing the parts are Axiom Precision Manufacturing in Adelaide, South Australia, SRX Global (Australia) in Melbourne, Victoria, ZCG Scalar in Lindenow, Victoria, as well as LINTEK in Queanbeyan, New South Wales.

Australia Minister for Defence Industry Melissa Price said: “The success of the Redwing programme is a result of the remarkable diversity of Australia’s defence industry nationwide.

“The programme continues to be recognised as a leading example of innovation and industry working together, most recently at the 2018 Essington Lewis Awards, which recognise excellence in Australia’s defence industry.”

In April last year, the Australia Department of Defence awarded a contract to L3-Micreo to manufacture and deliver more than 14,000 additional Silvershield units to the Afghanistan Forces.

Since 2015, a collaboration of the Australian industry with the country’s defence has successfully produced and exported more than 224,000 individual and vehicle-mounted Redwing systems to the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces.