A team of specialists from Ukraine’s Artem and the State Research Institute of Chemical Products have successfully tested the air-fuelled explosive warhead.

The aircraft is an upgraded version of the S-8KOM unguided rocket.

The RS-80 unguided missile is equipped with a platter charge and was put through the first stages of prototype testing.

Artem is a state-owned, joint-stock holding company of the Ukranian defence industry firm Ukroboronprom (UOP).

According to Ukroboronprom, the warhead is ‘fitted with a thermobaric mixture that has a negative oxygen balance’.

The company reported that the warhead has a blast zone with a 4m to 5m radius.

During combustion, the temperature of the missile can exceed 1,500°C.

Furthermore, a sharp pressure drop occurs during the warhead’s combustion.

The shock wave produced by the missile is effective against both indoor and outdoor targets.

In addition to the main thermobaric charge, the warhead also features a shock core. This allows the warhead to destroy lightly armoured vehicles (LAVs), walls and shelters, up to 40mm of homogeneous armour, and up to 200mm of reinforced concrete.

It is also capable of penetrating up to 500mm of brick, Ukroboronprom said.

The test results proved that the warhead is suitable for both unguided weapons and guided missiles.

The RS-80 is designed to destroy hostile armoured, lightly armoured, and non-armoured combat equipment and enemy manpower.

The rocket is used with Su and MiG fighter aircrafts, as well as Мі and Ка helicopters.

In March 2018, Artem tested its 152mm artillery ammunition developed for the Ukrainian Armed Forces.