Arquus Limoges teams have achieved a milestone with the production of the 1,000th Sherpa armoured vehicle.

Founded in 2006, the Sherpa family includes four base models, namely Sherpa Scout, the Carrier, the APC and Sherpa Special Forces.

The Sherpa armoured vehicles are deployed on diverse operations in various configurations.

The company produces all Sherpa vehicles at the Arquus site in Limoges. It operates a dedicated production line.

In a statement, the company said: “That 1,000th Sherpa milestone crowns the exceptional expertise of the engineers who have designed the Sherpa and have kept developing it, to help him face the threats met on the battlefield and answer the commanders’ tactical needs.”

The statement added: “It also rewards the quality of the industrial organisation created to allow the production and support of proven vehicles, renowned for the quality of their performance and protection.”

Since its founding, the vehicle has been acquired by Chile, Lebanon and Indonesia to boost their capabilities.

The vehicle’s communications systems carrier version was ordered by the Nato Support and Procurement Agency for the International Security Assistance Forces.

In January 2012, Renault Trucks Defense (RTD) was awarded a contract to supply Sherpa Medium trucks used to refuel the French Armed Forces’ aircraft by the French Armed Forces Fuel Service.

In 2016, the French Minister of Defence announced a contract for 300 Sherpa vehicles to be delivered to Kuwaït.