Airbus Helicopters has signed a contract with Organisation for Joint Armament Co-operation (OCCAR) to support the Tiger helicopters.

The tri-lateral contract ensures long-term global support for the Tiger platforms used by the French, Spanish and German armies.

The contract will improve the availability of the helicopters. The agreement seeks to ensure readiness and supportability for the ‘next decade and beyond’.

Airbus will help the users overcome obsolescence through continuous upgrades.

The agreement also covers leveraging vendors and suppliers for repair and spares. In addition, the deal requires the company to meet the individual needs of each customer to ensure operational success.

Airbus Helicopters CEO Bruno Even said: “We are proud to be providing long-term and additional support to Tigers , especially when some of those Tigers are continuously deployed in important operational theatres. This contract allows our customers to reliably plan their support activities for the next decade.”

In France, the agreement calls for parts availability of up to 98%. Airbus Helicopters will handle the provisioning of new parts and repaired parts.

The Tiger platform was used for operational deployment for the first time by the French Army in Afghanistan in 2009.

Airbus has so far delivered more than 183 Tigers to Germany, France, Spain, and Australia.

In August, the company proposed the Tiger helicopter to meet the future armed reconnaissance helicopter requirements of the Australian Army.

The proposal was made in response to a request for information (RFI ) for a suitable platform under the Project LAND4503 Armed Reconnaissance Capability.