AeroVironment has won a contract to deliver its Puma All Environment (AE) tactical unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) to an undisclosed European country.

The delivery will be made through the US Department of Defense (DoD) foreign military sales (FMS) programme route. The firm-fixed-price contract is valued at $5.92m.

The FMS programme promotes interoperability among US and allied nations for joint operations.

Under the award, AeroVironment will also provide training and support to the European allied nation.

AeroVironment business development and sales vice-president Rick Pedigo said: “Puma 3 AE offers allied forces an unparalleled perspective of tactical environments, increasing situational awareness and minimising exposure to possible threats on land or at sea.

“With the help of AeroVironment’s tactical unmanned aircraft systems, like Puma 3 AE, customers are able to increase the mission effectiveness and safety of their frontline forces, even in the most extreme environments.”

The company expects to deliver the UAS next month.

Manufactured by AeroVironment, the Puma AE UAS can be deployed in land-based and maritime operations.

The 15lb Puma AE has a wingspan of 9.2ft and flight endurance of up to 150 minutes. It can be navigated manually or autonomously.

It has a range of 20km with a standard antenna and up to 60km with AeroVironment’s long-range tracking antenna (LRTA).

The UAS delivers critical capabilities such as real-time situational awareness and actionable intelligence to the operators at a low cost in comparison to larger manned and unmanned aircraft.

Last month, AeroVironment purchased high-performance UAS manufacturer Arcturus UAV in a transaction valued at around $405m.