AeroVironment has secured a US Department of Defense (DoD) foreign military sales (FMS) contract to deliver Puma 3 all-environment (AE) small uncrewed aircraft systems (UAS) to a US ally.

The $8.5m firm-fixed-price contract also includes the delivery of initial spares packages, training, and necessary support to the allied nation.

According to the AeroVironment website, the battlefield-proven Puma 3 AE provides mission critical intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) in all environments.

The UAS has a wingspan of 9.2ft (2.8m) and weighs approximately 15lbs(6.8kg).

It has an endurance of neatly 2.5 hours when equipped with a Mantis i45 N multi-sensor night time imaging payload. The Mantis i45 N ensures maximum visibility during thr night, or low light ISR operations.

Puma 3 AE can also operate with the Mantis i45 payload.

The UAS can be launched from bungee, rail, vehicles, and even by hand, and is recoverable by deep-stall landing.

AeroVironment vice-president and product line general manager for small UAS Trace Stevenson said: “Combat-proven, versatile and reliable, Puma 3 AE provides persistent situational awareness, critical force protection, and force multiplication capabilities to small tactical units conducting operations in salt water, fresh water or on land.”

The company is expected to make the delivery by November this year.

Headquartered in Virginia, AeroVironment focuses on manufacturing robotic and UAS solutions, as well as tactical missile systems.

The company is said to have provided UAS vehicles to the US and approximately 50 allied governments.

Last month, AeroVironment launched the Switchblade 300 sensor to shooter (S2S) kit, to enable the company’s small UAS solutions transfer target to coordinate with Switchblade 300 loitering missile systems.