US-based Advent Technologies has announced the delivery of its portable fuel cell products to the Hellenic Army’s Z Amphibious Raider Squadron (Z’MAK).

The fuel cells were deployed as part of Greece’s large-scale PARMENION National Joint Exercise.

The portable fuel cell will enable the Z’MAK troops deployed in remote and tough terrains to quickly power off-grid radio and surveillance gear, among other mobile electronic military equipment.

With reduced size and weight, Advent’s fuel cell uses the company’s methanol reformation technology.

Lightweight and compact, the fuel cell-equipped portable battery charger can easily fit in soldier plate carrier systems and rucksacks, facilitating its use across military missions.

The fuel cell also operates silently and ensures reliable charging for a wide range of electronic devices used by the Greek army’s Z’MAK.

It offers over 50W of uninterrupted power and over 85W of peak power. The fuel cell can run off grid for nearly two weeks with a hot-swappable fuel tank.

Advent chairman and chief executive officer Dr Vasilis Gregoriou said: “We are excited about our ongoing collaboration with the Hellenic Army and we are grateful for their trust and confidence in our products.

“The ability of Advent’s products to effectively meet the increasing operating needs of key defence applications has been demonstrated in the field, and this demonstrates that our ‘Any Fuel. Anywhere’ strategy is more relevant than ever.

“All of us at Advent Technologies look forward to continuing this collaboration with the Hellenic Army, playing our part in their challenging mission to protect Greek national interests, and to guarantee the integrity of Greek territorial waters, the mainland, and the islands.”