Close combat training solution provider 4GD has launched two products to expand the capabilities of the SmartFacility urban training solution.

The addition of the two new solutions, ECFECTUS and ACIES, is expected to further improve the training process by leveraging data analysis and integrated reality elements.

ECFECTUS is a tactical performance data collection and analysis system that uses soldier biometrics and weapon sensors to procure data.

The solution is capable of aggregating data received from a 4GD smart target called SimStriker to provide feedback on training mission lethality, survivability, mobility and sustainability.

This will help commanders to assess the performance of individuals and overall, which is used to then provide targeted advice.

ACIES is an integrated reality system that enables trainees to use operational hardware interfaces to interact with virtual assets and train on different scenarios.

It also uses data from ECFECTUS to ensure the simulation is aligned with the activity taking place in the SmartFacility.

4GD business development director James Crowley said: “We continue to develop the SmartFacility urban training environment around the theme of supporting decentralised training, with the intelligence and adaptability of the facility meaning we can make training varied and challenging from individual locations.

“These locations, be they in a training camp or garrison, can then provide endless opportunities for training in an adaptable environment that is simple to use in order to empower trainees and junior commanders.”