• Eurosatory – Where Technology is on Display

    Elizabeth Clifford-Marsh finds out what technologies will be on display at Eurosatory. One of the world's largest defence events, Eurosatory is being held in Paris from 16 to 20 June.

  • Testing the Water

    For combat forces, military watercraft provide the critical link between sea and shore. From landing craft to amphibious vehicles, the effective offshore arrival of combat power is essential to delivering...

  • The Information Minefield

    The need for a 'one patient, one record' has never been greater than on the battlefield. Frances Penwill investigates the military projects similar to the centralised electronic patient data systems...

  • India Joins the Star Wars

    A plan by India to deploy a ballistic missile defence system by 2010 could spark a new arms race in the region. It also underlines the country's growing military ties...

  • Rise of the Machines

    Long the dream of science fiction writers and military planners alike, the armed services robot is becoming a reality. Drew Turney investigates.

  • Off-the-Shelf Solutions for the Battlefield

    How are commercial off-the-shelf products helping to drive down the military's costs? Steve Polak and Brendan Jordan discover how these products are helping coalition forces in their fight for interoperability.

  • The Nocturnal Soldier

    How is the newest night-vision technology helping soldiers reach their targets and stay alive? Al Elliott investigates.


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