Army Technology lists the top tweeted terms in military and security in August 2019, based on data from GlobalData’s Influencer Platform.

The top tweeted terms are the trending industry discussions happening on Twitter. GlobalData uses proprietary algorithms to analyse key words and key individuals and perform a deeper analysis of what the key individuals in the industry are discussing on Twitter.

1. Drones – 321 mentions

The UK armed forces plan to induct a lightweight and affordable combat aircraft (LANCA) in near future. The primary objective of LANCA is to achieve reduction in cost and development time.

The deployment of LANCA drone together with Typhoon and F-35 will increase the protection, survivability, and efficiency when compared to traditional combat air systems.

2. Nuclear – 243 mentions

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg announced the termination of the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty after deployment of nuclear-capable SSC-8 missile system by Russia.

NATO and its allies aim to respond conscientiously to the potential risks posed by Russia’s SSC-8 system. The member states have also agreed to work on multiple issues including surveillance, intelligence, and air and missile defences. Further, they have decided to offer a firm commitment towards the effective international arms control, disarmament, and non-proliferation.

3. Pentagon – 179 mentions

The Pentagon plans to increase its inventory of stealthy long-range cruise missiles that may play a key role in the possible event of a war with either Russia or China.

The budget and acquisition documents of the US Department of Defence confirm that Pentagon has plans to raise its Joint-Air-to-Surface Standoff Missile (JASSM) units from 4,900 to 7,200.

4. Royal Navy – 162 mentions

The refit of the Royal Navy’s HMS Vanguard ballistic missile submarines is suffering from delays due to an additional unscheduled refuelling. The boat is not expected to enter service in 2020, as originally planned.

The Royal Navy is equipping its Type 23 frigates with new MTU 12V 4000 M53B diesel engines. The frigates are currently undergoing life extension refits, which are expected to be completed by 2024.

5. Missile – 142 mentions

North Korea successfully test-fired two short-range ballistic missiles from the Sondok area in the South Hamgyong province. The missile launch took place just days after the completion of the US-South Korean military exercises.

The missiles soared to approximately 380km and climbed an elevation of 97km before falling into the Sea of Japan. North Korean leader Kim Jong-un observed the missile launches, according to the state news agency KCNA.