Eurofighter Tranche 3

Have you ever wanted to sit in the pilot’s seat of one of the most advanced pilot jets in the world? BAE Systems shows us what it’s like with new footage of the latest Tranche 3 model of the Eurofighter Typhoon.

Test flights have begun on this new version, which incorporates hundreds of improvements to effectively future-proof the aircraft. These include conformal fuel tanks that give the jet greater range and free up room for more or larger weapons, and a new internal structure in the nose.

Aimed at making Eurofighter more attractive to current and potential export customers, this awesome onboard footage can’t hurt sales either.

Mind-controlled arm

Combat injuries can be devastating to mind and body, but a radical new procedure could dramatically improve the outlook for soldiers who have undergone an amputation.

A British soldier has received the UK’s first mind-controlled artificial limb. Corporal Andrew Garthwaite lost his entire right arm in a rocket-propelled grenade explosion in 2010. After nearly 18 months of rehabilitation at the MOD’s Defence Medical Rehabilitation Centre, Garthwaite can now move his prosthetic arm with just his mind. He is the first person in the country to participate in what’s known as Targeted Muscle Reinnervation or ‘nerve transfer surgery’. It is truly revolutionary and offers those who have lost limbs a new lease of life.

UAS control centre

Ground-breaking for different reasons, the British Ministry of Defence has for the first time opened the doors to its drone control centre. Pilots at RAF Waddington in Lincolnshire control unmanned aircraft over three thousand miles away in Afghanistan.

Systems piloted from Waddington include Desert Hawk, Watchkeeper, ScanEagle, Tarantula Hawk and Black Hornet Nano. The video shows actual surveillance footage from a UAS showing insurgents firing a long-barrelled weapon firing from a roof top in Afghanistan.

RAF Waddington proves the value of unmanned aircraft in understanding the situation on the ground, developing better intelligence, and striking precisely.

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