Improve the Effectiveness of Indirect Fire Weapons … Improve Lethality

The world is entering an era of extreme aggression, where traditional methods and alliances are no longer reliable for countering threats.

Self-reliance and self-dependence are key to security and peace, but global economic realities make the purchase of a new weapon platform prove difficult to impossible. Extracting the maximum effectiveness from existing weapons and weapon crews is the best defense in troubled times.

Trident Research has mastered the science of acoustic-based geolocation. In the air, on land or at sea, Trident's acoustic sensors provide the most accurate automated weapon scoring capability worldwide.

When applied to indirect fire weapons and fire weapon crews, Trident's technology improves the lethality and effectiveness of existing weapon systems, and also:

  • Delivers real-time quantitative feedback in live-fire training to identify the best qualified gun crews and forward observers
  • Supports any terrain and all-weather conditions, improving gun crew performance in tactically realistic environments
  • Provides real-time one metre accurate results in multi-shooter / multi-target firing missions, to improve gun crew performance in realistic combat conditions

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