The Steel You Want Between You and Risk - Army Technology
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The Steel You Want Between You and Risk

It goes without saying. If you are the supplier of a steel plate that could be the only thing standing between a human being, and a bullet travelling at the speed of 925 metres/second - you better be on the safe side. That is how we go about it, and that has been our approach since the very first day we entered the market for protection plates. To stay on the safe side, we have to stretch the limits of what is possible. To go far beyond specifications and today’s threat levels. We have to think differently, be innovative and take full advantage of SSAB’s 50 years of experience, research and knowledge within niche steel production. This approach has made it possible to develop harder and tougher steel than anyone else, and to offer you the markets most comprehensive product range. We are your competitive advantage for your future designs of protective equipment. We decided to stay on the safe side. We think you should too. Please download this free white paper to find out more.

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