The Only Real Integrated Sniper System in the World - Army Technology
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The Only Real Integrated Sniper System in the World

The ApexO Firing System (AFS), is the only real integrated sniper system in the world. It is much more than a targeting system or ballistic computer. It is a complete system that calculates precise scope adjustments, in addition to analysing results and managing the systems / weapons components. The AFS has been developed using ApexO's highly sophisticated proprietary ballistic algorithms rather than obsolete ballistic formulas found in most ballistic calculator. Some of the best sniper units in the world and respected sniper ammunition manufacturers have validated the AFS results. Hitting the target the first time with a clean cold barrel or with a system that has not been initially zeroed is effortless for the AFS. The AFS is the only sniper system that learns from its users. The more you use the AFS, the more accurate it becomes. In fact, it answers all sniper's needs and requirements. Please download this free white paper for more information.

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