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Water and Ration Heaters for Military Vehicles

Electrothermal were originally awarded a contract to design and manufacture 10,000 RAK units for supply to the US Army.

We now have 20,000 combat-tested units in the field worldwide, which have been installed into support and front-line vehicles such as the Abrams M1A1, Bradley LAV, M109 Paladin, MLR's, M113's, Foxhound, Ocelot, Scorpion, Jackal, and Warthog.

In addition, all British Army MAN trucks in the support vehicle fleet are equipped with our RAK units, as well as most of the others such as Warthog, Mastiff and Jackal, along with the Foxhound armoured patrol vehicle.

They have proved especially beneficial in the recent war in Afghanistan, as having the RAK units installed in the cab ensures that vehicles stay on the move and are consequently less vulnerable to attacks from insurgent groups.

It is fair to say that our RAK Water and Ration Heaters have gained many satisfied customers over the years, and are so integral to troops' morale that they are affectionately referred to as the 'B.V. Morale Booster' or 'Crock Pot' within the UK and US military respectively.

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