24-Hour Target and Laser Acquisition System (TLAS24)

The TLAS24 has been developed to enhance practice range equipment. The system allows the range officer to actually see if the aircrew have painted the correct target when using their laser designator, thus enabling a more detailed debrief on the exercise.

The TLAS24 is self-contained, providing full 24-hour vision with the added ability to see laser designators/illuminators, working in both the visible and near infrared (IR) wave bands.

The system, when configured to match the specific wavelength of the laser designator or illuminator, may be used with systems working in the visible or near IR wavelengths. Typically these are at 800nm; 870nm; 1064nm or 1550nm. The standard system is optimised for a specific wavelength but a more complex system is available, enabling the user to select the wavelength to match that used by the aircraft.

Operation is a user-friendly, remote operation with clear optimised images provided over the 24-hour period, in the waveband of 400nm to 1700nm. The system can be remotely controlled and viewed through an Ethernet (GigE) link connection with full on-screen menu for camera operation and image adjustment.

The system is self contained, housed in an IP66-rated housing and may be mounted directly onto a tower, tripod or pan and tilt unit.

For more information, please download this free white paper.

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