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Situational Command & Control (SCC) Solution

The 20th century’s industrial warfare has evolved into the 21st century’s war amongst the people. Battles take place within communities, in austere, remote regions all around the world, and joint operations are more commonplace than ever before. Interoperable, affordable, beyond line-of-sight blue force tracking has therefore become an essential capability. When military, police, and government commanders implement the SCC TITAN solution, they are accessing an integrated Situational Command and Control (SCC) Platform which allows them to quickly and precisely manage unfolding events. The SCC software provides a single, shared tactical Common Operational Picture (COP) - whether on land, air, or sea - allowing commanders to conduct synchronised planning, control movement, and respond rapidly, to changing events involving up to 10,000 separate assets. Data exchange using SCC TITAN’s gateway services allows information to be seamlessly integrated into the strategic COP, ensuring interoperability between various incumbent technologies. The intuitive display plots near-time asset positions on customised military, police, and government mapping, while also providing comprehensive reports for situational awareness, mission planning, and debriefing. Resetting or configuring associated SCC hardware can be achieved remotely, while pop-up alerts, alarms, and geo-fences, enhance management and collapse response times to critical events on the ground, in the air, or at sea. The COP allows for a command hierarchy from a strategic HQ to a tactical forward operating base, as offered in a traditional C2 system. Additionally, without compromising the command structure, individual user groups or tactical clients, can utilise the system for routine chat and situational awareness at lower tactical levels. Please download this free white paper to find out more.

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