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ADS jobs weekly snapshot: Raytheon leads early 2021 hiring

15 Jan 2021 (Last Updated January 15th, 2021 09:38)

In the week of 3 January to 9 December 2021, 93 aerospace, defence and security (ADS) companies posted 4,281 new jobs, according to the GlobalData jobs analytics tool. This represents an increase of 3,345 jobs, or 357%, on the previous week’s total of just 936, probably due to the Christmas recruiting lull.

US-based primes Raytheon Technologies and Lockheed Martin posted the most jobs with 916 and 307 respectively, most of which were based in the US. Raytheon also held the top spot in the previous week with 181 jobs, followed by General Dynamics with 126.

There were 39,242 active jobs in the sector compared with 73,799 the previous week, with many vacancies having closed over the Christmas period.

Of the active jobs between 3 and 9 January, the majority (14,963) were for junior level jobs with only 575 being classified as senior level. Examples of senior-level postings during the week include Raytheon, which is hiring for an associate director, manufacturing engineering, and Raytheon, which has a vacancy for chief engineer.

In keeping with the headquarters of the biggest defence primes, the vast majority of vacancies are in the US, through there is a strong showing in Iraq led by Vectrus and in Japan by Leidos Holdings. There are 32 vacancies in the UK demonstrating that the sector remains strong especially in engineering roles despite Brexit and the country being badly affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

The most common themes across the jobs posted are roles associated with Cybersecurity and the Cloud, with a strong showing for artificial intelligence (AI) and internet of things (IoT) followed by robotics and big data.

Top ADS recruiter of the week: Raytheon

The company posting the highest number of jobs between 3 and 9 January was Raytheon with 916, up 406% from 181 in the previous week, again probably due to the Christmas recruitment lull.

Raytheon’s most notable contract in early 2021 has been a £200m award to Raytheon UK alongside partner Capita to provide the Royal Navy with transformative technology, training and learning solutions over the next 12 years. However, all of Raytheon’s current vacancies recorded by GlobalData are based in the US and vacancies are spread across cities and functions, implying they are part of general hires rather than a drive for deliver a particular programme.


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