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Military Hardware and Software for Navigation and Communication

SkyDec is a renowned innovator, developer and supplier of innovative military hardware and software with a special focus on military navigation and communication for defence organisations around the world.

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SkyDec is a renowned innovator, developer and supplier of innovative military hardware and software with a special focus on military navigation and communication for defence organisations around the world.

What truly distinguishes SkyDec products is the ability to customise and interface military GPS and communication systems into existing configurations of applications on modern and sophisticated military vessels, vehicles and aircraft.

In short, SkyDec is a real one-stop-shop for military organisations when it comes to military navigation equipment and navigation solutions.

Data distribution unit for military naval navigation

Our navigation department is specialised in integrating military SAASM GPS receivers into a data distribution unit designed, developed and manufactured by SkyDec. Numerous navies (UK, Germany, Spain, Turkey and many others) are already using our data distribution unit as the core to GPS data for other systems on-board.

Our design criteria is based on military specifications for shock, vibration, climate and EMC. We are a market leader when it comes to installations on navy vessels, with over 150 systems operational worldwide on vessels ranging from fast patrol craft to aircraft carriers and LPDs.

Military army and air force navigation system

We recently released a system suitable for army vehicles and helicopters with full SAASM functionality and outputs for navigation data and also HQIIA for use with military radios. It is small, extremely rugged and can survive explosions. It will give the users the reliability they need from a critical sensor such as a military SAASM GPS system that can be completely integrated into the vehicle.

This unit also integrates seamlessly with the anti-jam antenna from Novatel called the GAJT, which we can supply as a package deal. The GAJT provides maximum protection from jamming activities while maintaining the highest reliability and precision when it comes to GPS navigation and timing.

Integrated navigation systems for small boats

Our Tactiplot department develops custom-made fully integrated navigation suites for small boats used by special forces and government agencies. Besides outfitting real boats with this equipment, they have also started focusing on classroom simulators for small vessels in order to train in a semi real-life environment. Our Tactiplot system is used by several special forces units and police units from Holland, Belgium and Germany.

Custom-made SAASM GPS systems for the defence industry

Within the special projects department we develop systems on request from end-users. The latest project consists of a naval system that keeps track of a minesweeping gear being towed by a minesweeper. If you are looking for a partner within the army segment with knowledge of SAASM GPS systems and integrating them into a custom-made vehicle or system, don’t hesitate to call us.

Product development criteria based on military specifications

Our design criteria has always been focused on military specifications. Whenever we ask our R&D to develop a new product, they know what the minimum standard requirements need to be with regards to shock, vibration, climate and EMC.

The fact that we have personnel working in our company with a military background, ranging from navy to army special forces, contributes tremendously to the development of new products, not only with regards to the technical requirements, but also with regards to human-machine-interface. This way we ensure that the military end-user gets all the information he needs without having to go through data which is of no importance to them.

SAASM military GPS

With regards to GPS we expect an increase in critical equipment that demands GPS input, whether it is the right position or time to generate the HQIIA signal. It is therefore more and more important to outfit military units with a more reliable military SAASM GPS system to ensure GPS data availability. Navigation warfare will become more important in time due to the fact that more mission critical equipment will demand GPS data. The military SAASM GPS will protect your GPS data in the field and will ensure that you will always have the best available position and time.

Bayraktar TB2 Tactical UAV

Bayraktar TB2 is a medium altitude and long-range (MALE) tactical unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) system manufactured by Baykar Makina, for the Turkish Armed Forces.

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