Contactless Rotary Joints for Data Transmission with 100mm Diameter - Army Technology
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Contactless Rotary Joints for Data Transmission with 100mm Diameter

There are two trends currently dominating the industry in everything from production across logistics to packaging: increasing digitisation of machines and systems, and automation of processes.

It is imperative to ensure maximum efficiency and prevent failures in these situations. Rapidly rotating machine parts, such as those found in bottling and paper converting plants, pose special challenges. Dependable data transmission is also vital to enable real-time control and regulation of these machines.

Contactless rotary joints from SPINNER also ensure reliable data transmission with large diameters and high data transmission rates. This cannot be achieved with slip rings, which are prone to micro-interruptions, especially with large clear internal diameters.

This is where the new SPINNER data transmission unit comes in. It now permits dependable transmission at clear internal diameters of up to 100mm. The contactless roating interfaces are also non-wearing and maintenance-free. Benefits include substantial cost savings, outstanding reliability, and a long service life.

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