Hotzone Solutions Signs Cooperation Agreement with Joint CBRN Defence Centre of Excellence

On 13 February 2013 the Joint Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Defence Centre of Excellence (CoE) located in Vyskov, Czech Republic, and Hotzone Solutions (HZS), based in the Netherlands, signed a cooperation agreement with the aim to cooperate in the following activities:

  • Support of CBRN courses
  • Consulting and advice in the area of CBRN Defence, involvement and support of CBRN Reachback
  • Development of JCBRN Defence CoE’s modelling and simulation systems capabilities

In accordance with this cooperation, the JCBRN Defence CoE shall, pending its operational needs and possibilities:

  • Request HZS CBRN subject matter experts (CBRN SMEs) to carry out training and consulting activities under the supervision of the JCBRN Defence CoE
  • Evaluate and provide a written assessment of HZS courses and activities upon the request of HZS, including those carried out at the HZS International CBRN Institute in Belgium
  • Certify HZS courses after evaluation as ‘In compliance with NATO JCBRN Defence CoE standards’

This new cooperation agreement is an example of civil-military cooperation; it will allow HZS to further increase and diversify its training capabilities and services in the field of CBRN incident management.

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