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Blast Protection Solutions for Military Shelters

No. 18, Liutang Road,
Hudai Industrial Park,
214161 Jiangsu,

No. 18, Liutang Road,
Hudai Industrial Park,
214161 Jiangsu,

FUCARE is the leading supplier of protection solutions for blast-resistant facilities of military, civil and industrial applications.

FUCARE offers advanced protective products, including blast valves, blast dampers, blast doors, blast windows; blast-resistant overpressure valves; gas-tight valves and dampers, as well as other blast-protection-related products.

Blast valves

FUCARE blast valves are used to stop blast waves from penetrating air inlets and outlets of blast-resistant buildings such as shelters and bunkers.

The blast valves are featured with an approximate 100% block rate of blast impulse and the protection grade varies from 2bar for industrial applications to more than 100bar for military applications.

Blast dampers

FUCARE blast dampers are used to prevent blast waves from piercing air inlets and outlets of blast-resistant facilities, mainly in industrial applications. The blast dampers come with an approximate 100% block rate of blast impulse, thanks to its unique thin blade design.

The protection grade of FUCARE’s blast dampers ranges from 2bar for long-blast duration to 5bar for short-blast duration.

Blast doors

FUCARE’s blast doors are used to protect the entry of blast-resistant facilities against blast waves in civil, military and industrial applications. They provide protection at 2bar reflected by long duration and can serve the needs of customers to develop them with specific blast protection capability such as 10bar for strengthened shelters.

Fire-rated blast doors are available upon request.

Blast windows

Blast windows are designed to provide protection for blast-resistant facilities while allowing the natural light into the building through specialised glass.

FUCARE’s blast windows provide protection at 2bar reflected by long duration and can also serve the needs of customers to develop the blast windows with specific blast protection capability for special purposes. Our fire-rated windows are available upon request.

Bulletproof doors and blastproof windows for high-risk military and government buildings

FUCARE’s bulletproof doors and windows provide protection for many high-risk military installations, government buildings, embassies and VIP residences.

The door frame is covered with strengthened bulletproof steel and the window carries bulletproof glass. They offer protection levels of up to B7 (EN1063).


FUCARE was founded in 2011 with the mission: To Better Protect Lives and Properties through Technological Evolution. Since then, the company has developed a comprehensive blast safety product range for global customers.

With its tremendous investment in technological evolution through the latest research technology and continuous innovations, FUCARE’s products offer high safety performance, high functional performance and competitive pricing.

High Performance Blast Valve

FuCare's blast valves are specifically developed for those applications where protection from extremely high overpressure and dual side protection are required. Its state of art design assures it provides the high impulse block rate against blast waves, which makes it one of the best safety solutions in the world.

FC-BRV-02-S Rapid Blast Damper

FC-BRV-02-S rapid blast dampers are specifically developed for those applications where high air flow rate and blast protection are required. It could stand the overpressure up to 200KPa reflected with long duration and shut off in milliseconds. It could also stand multiple blast impacts and maintain full functions after blasts.

FC-BRD-01 Series Blast Door

FUCARE's FC-BRD-01 series blast doors are designed to block the blast waves through the passageways into the protected buildings. Featuring a tough steel structure, the doors ensure reliable protection against blast impacts under tough conditions such as high temperature or fire.

FUCARE Management Systems Certified by TUV SUD

Today, FUCARE announces its management systems including Quality, OHS and Environment, have been certified by one of the most renowned certification bodies, TUV SUD, according to latest standards, ISO9001-2015, ISO14001-2015 and ISO45001-2018.

FUCARE Donates Medical Face Masks to Milan, Italy

Today, FUCARE announces donation of 10,000 pieces of medical face masks to Milan city of Italy, which has been hit hard by the outbreak of Covid-19 and shortage of medical supply has been a serious issue for local communities’ efforts in combatting the virus.

FUCARE High-Performance Blast Valves Exceed Expectation

A KNPC delegation team have recently visited HUNTER facility to conduct an on-site inspection to their modular blast-resistant shelters, equipped with FUCARE FC-RBV-11 High-Performance Blast Valves, developed for KNPC MAA REFINERY upgrade project.

FUCARE Launches 1bar Bubble-Tight Air Tight Damper

FUCARE has launched FC-RLD-HP, a 1bar bubble-tight (Zero-leakage) air tight damper for special applications such as high-level air tightness for NBC shelters, admin buildings of nuclear power plants and other critical conditions where the fluctuating overpressure may deteriorate, damage or destroy regular airtight dampers. 


No. 18, Liutang Road

Hudai Industrial Park