Meteksan Defence produces advanced systems and subsystems for command and control, communications, reconnaissance, surveillance and intelligence purposes across a wide range of military platforms.

Established in 2006, the company is among the most reputable and well-respected in the Turkish defence industry. It has a history of developing and producing high technology solutions suitable for surface and underwater platforms, helicopters, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) and missile systems.

The company operates in six fields: radar systems, perimeter surveillance systems, laser and electro-optic systems, communication systems, underwater acoustic systems, and platform simulators. Within these areas, Meteksan Defence has completed various projects both in Turkey and internationally, such as ground surveillance radars, helicopter and UAV radars, data links, altimeters, counter drone systems, anti-jamming GNSS, hull-mounted sonars, submarine sonars, and naval training simulators.

ULAQ Armed Unmanned Surface Vehicle (AUSV)
KAPAN Anti-Drone System
Retinar PTR Perimeter Surveillance Radar
CRA Radar Altimeter
DCSIM Damage Control Simulator
YAKAMOS Hull Mounted ASW Sonar
High Technology Systems for UAV’s Operational Superiority
High Technology Innovative Systems for Guided Missiles and Munitions

Ground surveillance radars for critical security requirements

The Retinar PTR Perimeter Surveillance Radar developed by Meteksan Defence is a mobile and new generation radar system optimised for human detection, classification of human/animal or vehicle, and recognition with state-of-the-art features.

This high-technology radar system is mainly developed for border security, base protection, and security of critical infrastructures, such as petroleum refineries, power plants, pipelines, and military basis. Retinar PTR radars are currently operational in Turkey and other countries across Europe and Asia.

Counter drone solutions for military applications

KAPAN Anti-Drone System offers superior drone detection, tracking and neutralisation performance for border and critical infrastructure security.

Meteksan Defence’s KAPAN Anti-Drone system offers precise drone detection and tracking performance with radar, electro-optic systems’ combinations, and allows the neutralisation of drones with an RF Jammer.

KAPAN is used for base protection, force protection, critical infrastructure security, airport security, patrolling personnel security and maritime surveillance and security.

High technology systems for UAV operational superiority

Meteksan Defence offers several mission, communication, flight and support systems for UAV manufacturers.

This includes MILSAR UAV SAR/MTI to provide high-resolution images in all weather conditions, AKSON C-Band UAV Data Link to create secure communication with high data-transmission speed, and the OKIS Automatic Take-off and Landing System to ensure safe take-off and landing of UAVs without GPS.

The AGNOSIS Anti-Jamming GNSS is used to eliminate jammer signals targetting GPS, CRA Radar Altimeters provide precise altitude data, and the company also offers other products, such as a Telemeter Transmitter and a Flight Control Computer.

Innovative systems for guided missiles and munitions

Meteksan Defence offers a family of high technology and innovative subsystems for guided missiles and munitions, such as weapon data links, tactical data links, radar altimeters, anti-jamming GNSS, GNSS receivers and antennas, seeker solutions, and telemetry transmitters.

The company also provides flight termination systems, which are low size, weight, power and cost (SWAP-C) solutions to increase capabilities of air-to-air missile (AAM), air to surface missile (ASM), surface to air missile (SAM), and surface-to-surface missile (SSM) platforms.

Meteksan Defence list of products

  • MILDAR Fire Control Radar for Helicopters
  • Automated Take-off and Landing System for UAV’s
  • Retinar Perimeter Surveillance Radars
  • Anti-Drone Systems
  • Radar Altimeters
  • Data Links for Missiles
  • C-Band UAV Data Link
  • PELIKAN RF Missile Seeker Simulator
  • ALACA Ka Band RCS Measurement System
  • UAV Flight Control Computer
  • GNSS Antenna & Receivers
  • Anti-Jamming & Anti-Spoofing GNSS
  • Telemetry Transmitter (TMV)
  • Helicopter Obstacle Avoidance System
  • Laser Electronic Attack System (LEAS)
  • Hull Mounted Sonar Systems
  • Submarine Intercept Passive Sonar (IPS)
  • Flank Array Sonar Sensor
  • Transducers and Hydrophones
  • Underwater Early Warning Sensors
  • Damage Control Simulator
  • Fire Training Simulator
  • Helicopter Fire Fighting Training Simulator
  • Helicopter Underwater Egress Training Simulator
  • ULAQ Armed Unmanned Surface Vehicle (AUSV)

About Meteksan Defence

Located in Ankara, Turkey, Meteksan Defence was founded in 2006 to gather under a single body and coordinate the defence industry projects and activities of advanced technology companies, which are in service within Bilkent Holding structure.

The foundation objective of the company is to develop and produce unique and advanced technology systems and subsystems for different type of air, land and sea platforms.