A technology company specialised in main systems and subsystems for vehicles, such as suspensions, brake systems, running gears, powertrains, hulls, turrets and chassis, lubrication, heating-cooling, as well as in armour packages, Menatek Defense Technologies of Turkey is unveiling at Eurosatory the latest product dedicated to military vehicles, its EWS-M Military Type Weather Sensor.

Accuracy depends very much on temperature, humidity and wind parameters, those data being provided to the fire control system using standard RS-485, Canbus and TCP-IP Ethernet serial connections; beside those, which are provided as standard, RS-422, Modbus and MilCAN are available as optional.

While temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure do not vary quickly, this is not true for wind speed and direction. A built-in inertial measurement unit allows compensating sudden turret rotations, wind data being upgraded in less than one second. The sensor has a speed scale up to 40 m/s (over 140 km/h) with an accuracy of ±0,5m/s + %5, while direction is measured on all 360°, with an accuracy of ±5.0°.

Temperature is measured in the –40/+70 °C interval with an accuracy of 1°, relative humidity from 0 to 100% with a 5% accuracy, and atmospheric pressure in the 600-1,100 mbar range with a 2% accuracy. An EWS-M-GPS model is available, fitted with a GPS receiver, which provides magnetic direction and geographic coordinates, the EWS-M-CW version fitted with sensor providing vectoral wind speed. The EWS-M is 500 mm high, EWS-M-GPS 522 mm, has a 75 mm diameter and weighs 3.5 kg. It is powered in DC at different voltages, 9-16 V or 18-32 V, and it has a low consumption, 30W at start and 10W in operation.