Trucks recovery and transportation for civil works or military operations assume the use of exceptional handling means. These means are generally based on a truck fitted with a twin-winches system and a flat bed semi-trailer. This double-winches system consists of :

  • 2 high pulling capacity hydraulic winches (15, 20,25 or 30 MT)
  • 1 ropes deployment winch
  • 1 hydraulic power unit (pump, tank, control valve, filtration)
  • 2 control panels (in and rear the cabin)
  • Pulleys and rollers mounted on the semi-trailer

This demanding system is designed to perform loading of all type of heavy duty damaged trucks on the flat bed in difficult situations. The twin-winches and the set of pulleys and rollers allow for instance to handle simulteanously from rear and front of a vehicule whom the steering is out of order.

These special double-winches handling systems are the essential last resort mean for recovering heavy duty trucks. They fit 4×4, 6×6 or 8×8 highly motorised trucks enhanced with heavy duty axles, tires and suspensions. These special features give them a high level of mobility and crossing capability.

STARTER Technologies has had multiple references in France and abroad for more than 15 years on this type of handling system. Its expertise in the development, production and assembly on vehicles of twin-winches for all types of brands is well established. The certification of its achievements in particular by various armies in Europe and Asia is a guarantee of its leadership in this field.