Menatek has utilised its expertise and previous experience to develop its torsion bar production capability. With non-stop innovation as a core value, Menatek made vital investments on the design and in-house testing of torsion bars and delivered its first product at the end of 2018.

Menatek Defense Technologies have been working on Torsion Bars since 2010 and the efforts of the Menatek team has turned into proficiency on manufacturing Torsion Bars. Being familiar with various Torsion Bars belonging to different vehicles and platforms, Menatek’s R&D department has been working on it since the beginning of 2018.

Menatek can now design torsion bars for different platforms such as AAVs, IFVs, and MBTs according to vehicle specifications and can manufacture a test bench to test the lifetime of its own-designed torsion bars. These new capabilities make torsion bar procurements easier. It can be designed specifically for a vehicle or platform. The lifetime of these tailor-made torsion bars is approved by the manufacturer with a certificate of conformity.

High-technology mechanical parts are Menatek’s speciality. The company will continue to invest in innovative engineering more and more. The company’s well-disciplined and progressive team gives promise for unexpected progress in the defence sector.