SSAB is teaming up with Faurecia to jointly explore the development of fossil-free advanced high-strength steel for use in the automotive seating business.

This partnership makes Faurecia, one of the world’s leading automotive technology companies, the first supplier to the automotive industry to explore fossil-free steel with SSAB.

As part of the collaboration, Faurecia secured SSAB fossil-free steel to start equipping its seating structures from 2026 and onwards. SSAB will provide Faurecia with the industry’s most ambitious and advanced fossil-free steel, using hydrogen and fossil-free electricity instead of coking coal and other fossil fuels traditionally used to make steel.

“We are very happy to work with Faurecia, a forerunner in the automotive supplier industry, on developing advanced high-strength, fossil-free steel products. We have been strengthening our cooperation and increasing our business with Faurecia for some time with the focus on Advanced High-Strength Steels, making car components stronger, lighter and safer. Now we are committed to bring our cooperation to the next level by introducing SSAB Fossil-Free AHSS steels increasingly from 2026 and onwards, to contribute to Faurecia´s decarbonization targets and reduce global CO2 emissions,” says Martin Lindqvist, President and CEO at SSAB.

“We are very proud to be the first automotive supplier to secure fossil-free steel produced by SSAB. This is a major step in our CO2 neutrality journey for scope 3. We are driving our roadmap with conviction and determination and take every step possible to achieve our ambition,” says Patrick Koller, Chief Executive Officer at Faurecia.

SSAB aims to deliver fossil-free steel to the market at a commercial scale in 2026 and then gradually convert all its operations and become a fossil-free company latest in 2045.

SSAB fossil-free steel is made from iron produced using HYBRIT technology. HYBRIT was created by SSAB, LKAB and Vattenfall in 2016, with the aim to develop a technology using hydrogen and fossil-free electricity instead of coking coal in iron- and steelmaking. In August 2021, SSAB was able to show the world’s first fossil-free steel based on hydrogen-reduced iron produced at HYBRIT’s pilot plant in Luleå, Sweden, an essential step toward a complete fossil-free value chain for steel-making.