Working across industries where safety and quality is essential RUD deliver on ground-breaking lifting and lashing products, and have earnt over 500 international patents for their continuous product development and innovative approach.

RUD Chains new OPTILASH-CLICK lashing point with spring loaded pin offers a greater degree of flexibility in lashing procedures. Firstly it can be installed in bore holes and guides of the vehicle frame, making it easy to install and allowing retrofitting from the outside without tools. Installation is possible after painting or galvanising the vehicle frame.

The OPTILASH-CLICK supplies a lashing capacity of 10000 daN and a safety factor of 2:1. It is 100% crack inspected and corrosion protected.

The special offset shape of the OPTILASH-CLICK ensures that flat lashing angles are possible. It can be pulled out of the guiding retainer and used when the load is upright and oversized. Loading can be done from any side due to the optimal lateral guiding and supporting surfaces.

RUD Lashing equipment helps ensure maximum safety when lashing and transporting heavy loads. They are typically used across a range of sectors from lashing for the defence and aerospace sector to heavy and abnormal loads for road haulage, load beds, cargo, offshore, rail, construction and plant to name a few.