To dependably track aircraft movements and ensure smooth, orderly traffic while minimizing accidents, it’s essential to deploy state-of-the-art technology with components that leverage the power of digitization.

SPINNER has launched a new generation of future-proof RF rotary joints that deliver a number of major benefits. They work contactlessly, which eliminates friction and makes them virtually maintenance-free. Made from high-quality, precision-made mechanical components, the new joints feature real-time gigabit-volume Ethernet with high-quality signal transmission.

Second-to-none mechanical components

All RF rotary joint versions available from SPINNER are characterized by ultra-low transmission fluctuations, compact designs, and high crosstalk attenuation between channels. These characteristics are achieved with precision-machined waveguides for the primary radar signals and tried-and-true L-band coaxial channels for the secondary radar. These are designed to ensure an extremely long service life with nonstop operation at full load across the entire detection range in demanding environmental conditions.

Minimal maintenance

The new rotary couplings for contactless power and data transmission require almost no maintenance. This is in stark contrast to conventional sliprings, which involve physical contact and are therefore subject to wear. This can diminish or distort transmission, often requiring them to be replaced or repaired.

When sliprings are nevertheless preferred for special applications, SPINNER has come up with a special “plug & play” design that makes it quick and easy to remove the entire transmission unit for repairs or replacement.

Real-time transmission with GB Ethernet

SPINNER contactless rotary couplings transmit data in real time according to the Profinet Class C Ethernet protocol. They deliver the full bandwidth of standard Ethernet components and have consistently demonstrated absolute reliability millions of times over.

For special applications that call for even greater performance, SPINNER enables faster data transmission with fiber-optic cables.

Full service for all rotary joint makes

SPINNER also repairs and services all makes of ATC rotary joints. Our engineers have gained broad experience with RF rotary joints used in civilian and military applications. Our consistent success has been based on this plus a strong commitment to continual product improvement. All of Europe’s large air traffic control organizations trust in our components.

Benefits of the new SPINNER ATC rotary joints

  • Practically no maintenance required
  • Optional: plug & play sliprings for significantly easier maintenance
  • Real-time data transmission via full-bandwidth gigabit Ethernet (Profinet Class C Ethernet protocol)
  • Optional: data transmission via fiber-optic cable (single- and multimode-capable, up to 81 channels)
  • Proven standardized L-band coaxial channels for secondary radar signals
  • Outstanding mechanical components and signal transmission