LIMA 2023 Exhibition, which will bring defence industry companies together with the Armed Forces of Asian countries, will be held on May 23-27, 2023 in Langkawi Island of Malaysia. Meteksan Defence will exhibit its high technology products at this important exhibition, which it will attend for the first time.

The products that Meteksan Defence will exhibit at LIMA 2023 are listed as follows:

  • YAKAMOS 2020 Hull Mounted Sonar System
  • ULAQ Unmanned Surface Vehicle Family
  • NAZAR Laser Electronic Warfare System
  • PELIKAN RF Guided Missile Simulator
  • Submarine Sonar Systems
  • Naval Training Simulators

Selçuk Kerem Alparslan, President of Meteksan Defence, made the following statement regarding the participation in the fair:

“As Meteksan Defence, we are very pleased to participate in the LIMA exhibition for the first time. At LIMA 2023, one of the most important fairs of the region, we will have the chance to exhibit many of our products that we have developed especially for the naval forces.

As a company that specializes in sonar systems and not only working with the Turkish Naval Forces but also working with many different navies of the world, YAKAMOS 2020 Hull Mounted Anti-Submarine Warfare Sonar, which is the pride of our country in the field of sonar systems, is one of the products we will exhibit at the exhibition.

I believe that ULAQ Unmanned Surface Vessel family which is developed by Meteksan Defence and ARES Shipyard, will attract great attention in the LIMA 2023 Exhibition, as in other international exhibitions we have participated in in the last two years. In this context, we will exhibit the ULAQ SAR (Search & Rescue) Unmanned Surface Vessel, the new product of the ULAQ Family, first time at the fair to be held in Malaysia. ULAQ SAR, which we believe will make a great contribution to the Coast Guard’s search and rescue efforts, will make a difference with its tethered drone and equipment specialized for search and rescue activities.

As you know, the sonar systems, front electronics, signal processing hardware and software developed by Meteksan Defence for submarine platforms are successfully used by the Turkish Naval Forces. I believe that these proven systems can also take part in manned/unmanned submarines and submarine modernization projects abroad.

Finally, I can say that the NAZAR Laser Electronic Warfare System and PELIKAN RF Guided Missile Simulator systems, which we will exhibit at the LIMA 2023, are also among the products we attach great importance to. We believe that both NAZAR and PELIKAN are among the game-changing systems for naval forces.

As Meteksan Defence, we attach great importance to working with friendly and allied countries, especially the Malaysian Armed Forces, for these systems that we have developed unique and high technology, and we act with a policy based on strategic cooperation in this direction.”

Meteksan Defence will host its visitors at LIMA 2023 at its stand B-13 in Hall B.