Alexander Battery Technologies (“Alexander”) announces its new “Rapid Response” program for custom design, prototyping, and manufacturing for new Lithium-Ion Battery Packs. Alexander’s rapid response program dramatically reduces the OEM’s product time to market. New battery packs are designed by Alexander utilizing the latest cell technology for the OEM’s specific application requirements and in a fraction of the time of our competitors. This creates the cornerstone for Alexander Battery Technologies’ leading position in the portable power market. Alexander’s success is driven by customers, based on their successful product launches with one or more of our power solutions designed specifically for their applications and getting them to market as quickly as possible.

Alexander Battery Technologies Power Solutions range from shrink wrapped designs to SMBUS based Smart battery packs fully encapsulated in custom plastics. With over 40 years of experience in battery design, experience helps reduce lead times during the battery pack developmental stages. Battery packs with on board charging and fuel gauging are rapidly developed to prototypes and the battery packs are then passed through all regulatory compliance testing programs and manufactured utilizing a variety of cells from key cell manufacturing partners. Designed for best manufacturability to meet demanding application requirements, the battery packs include high reliability custom PCBAs which can support low temperature charging, high cycle life, cell balancing, on-board charging, and SMBUS 1.1 with highly accurate fuel gauging. Alexander’s precision manufacturing processes support customized, fully traceable in-house testing, and ensure delivery of the highest quality products along with high production rate volumes if necessary.

Alexander uses industry leading production test equipment as well as internally designed manufacturing test equipment for the customers’ unique requirements. All battery packs are tested with customized scripts to ensure 100% compliance with the customers performance requirements. End-of-line verification is used to simulate battery usage, record battery pack performance data, characterize the battery pack and provide serialization and test data for each battery pack. The battery designs can be optimized in terms of voltage, cycle-life, discharge rates, capacity, charge time, environmental temperature and packaging that is required by the customer and by regulatory bodies. The OEM can be sure of high quality, performance, and quicker times to market for their portable battery powered devices.

For Alexander Battery Technologies “Rapid Response” custom designed power solutions price quotations are available on request. ABT is ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016 certified.

About Alexander Technologies Europe Ltd – Alexander uses innovative design and development in delivering advanced Lithium Ion and NiMH battery pack solutions for its customers with complete compatibility between the battery and charging system.

With design offices in both Europe and United States and assembly plants in the UK and Malaysia, Alexander Battery Technologies is recognized as a design leader in portable power. Our engineers’ partner with the customer at the early stages of design to meet their specifications and provide significant time, money and resource savings. This process allows for a single source for power design needs and allows the OEM to source the required power solutions from a single supplier. Alexander Battery Technologies provides integrated power and charger solutions for Powered Air Purifying Respirators, Portable Medical Devices, Back Up Power Sources, Professional Power Tools, Robotics, and many other applications.