We were approached by a leading international company in stainless steel, high alloy castings and highly engineered values, which are used in the most severe applications and industries. In order to enter the subsea market their products required specialised testing to ensure they were API 6A compliant.


The equipment and infrastructure required to qualify equipment to the API 6A standard is very specialist and required a bespoke engineered solution. There are many inherent risks associated with testing to API 6A, including extreme pressure and temperature ranges. The solution needed to incorporate risk mitigation for the safety of operators and equipment.

SengS Solution

We designed, manufactured and commissioned a bespoke test solution to conduct PR2 testing to API 6A standard. Including the following:

  • 40,000 psi rated test cell
  • Hydraulic and gas power unit
  • Environmental chamber
  • Full documentation package, including operation manuals
  • Training programme for operators