The Will-Burt Company, a world leader in the design, manufacture and sale of mobile telescoping mast, tower and elevation solutions, has announced the acquisition of UK-based Metham Aviation Design (MAD).

MAD is known as a premier producer of environmentally sealed pan and tilt positioners (including continuous rotation models), integrated camera domes, environmental housings and accessories.

"The addition of a full range of pan and tilt positioners, along with video technology, marks another significant milestone in the growth of The Will-Burt Company.

"MAD’s products further enhance the full-line elevation offerings of Will-Burt along with its subsidiary companies GEROH of Germany and Integrated Tower Systems (ITS) of Tulsa, Oklahoma," stated Will-Burt’s senior vice president Richard Lewin.

MAD has its own production facility located in Hampshire, England, and is unique in the ancillary CCTV equipment industry with design, assembly and manufacturing under one roof. MAD has the flexibility to produce large quantities of standard product or niche-design a solution for a specific customer application.

MAD has deployed thousands of positioners and cameras in highway systems, prisons and harbours since being established in 1999. MAD’s quality is assured through its adherence to ISO 9001 standards.

Will-Burt and MAD forged a partnership in 2015 co-developing the PositionIt® pan and tilt positioner. MAD quickly established themselves as a highly capable engineering and manufacturing firm of precision products.

PositionIt® has proven extremely dependable in the harsh mobile broadcast market and has allowed Will-Burt to gain share in this important segment.

"MAD’s capabilities and culture align seamlessly with Will-Burt’s principles of innovative engineering and quality manufacturing backed by an ISO 9001:2008 quality management system," said Richard Lewin.

"This acquisition affords us an even greater opportunity to provide our customers with the best fully integrated elevation solution."