A new concept in mobile, modular water systems for the German Bundeswehr is being shown on the WEW stand, booth number Hall E – 7617, during AUSA in Washington DC from 21-23 October 2013.

WEW is in the final stages of negotiations with the Bundeswehr for the supply of a completely new company-level demountable water delivery system. The modules have recently completed trials at the Bundeswehr’s Technical Centre for Automotive and Armoured Vehicles in Trier, Germany.

WEW CEO Dr Ulrich Bernhardt said: "The new, highly mobile, modular systems have been designed to meet the needs of a flexible force needing to deploy its resources rapidly.

"These new units have been purposely designed to be flexible, easily transported in both military and civil supply chains and to ensure that the warfighter has potable water wherever he requires it."

The easy-to-operate water tank modules are a 10in BiCon configuration and suitable for 4X4, 6X6 and protected MRAP utility vehicles. The stainless steel modules incorporate a full suite of water preservation systems and include a newly designed disinfection system. They can be coupled together to make a 20ft equivalent unit (TEU) suitable for civilian and military intermodal supply-chains and can be transported by road, rail or sea.

During the design and development process Schmitz Cargobull, in conjunction with WEW, has produced a purpose-designed trailer, which is able to maintain its stability whilst carrying 2000l / 528US gal water modules.

As part of the development, the modules and trailer have undergone extensive trials including climatic testing from -32°C to +49°C and have met STANAG 2985, which defines operating environments. The completed units have also been evaluated to determine the stability of the unit at a variety of angles that it might need to travel across during deployment.