Developed to accurately capture time of flight and muzzle exit events, the Trident Research T4i Light Event Detector (LED) Sensor is an infrared flash detector that integrates with Trident’s Terrestrial Realtime Acoustic Classification and Scoring (TRACS™) System.

Housed in an aluminium enclosure that incorporates a C-mount faceplate, the T4i LED sensor supports a number of filters and lenses, a pistol style sighting mechanism for aiming the device at the intended source, and a ¼-20 thread mount to support standard camera tripods.

The T4i LED sensor is powered by an external DC source in the 7V-15V range and offers two output mediums, BNC co-axial and ethernet.

The co-axial network provides a signal that can be coupled with most data acquisition systems and amplitude, polarity and many other characteristics are configurable via a software network interface.

The output analogue signal provides a positive pulse of 500ms and with amplitudes of 1, 5, or input voltage minus 2V. The GPS timed stamped event messages are transmitted to any configured IP and port combination and are accurate to 100μs.