Tactical Command Industries, the industry leaders in communications technology gear and customisation, have just released their new catalog for prospective clients. With the company’s history in the law enforcement industry, TCI continues to make their products for the elite law enforcement and military operators around the world.

Liberator tactical headsets

TCI’s Liberator II™ tactical headset provides an exceptional convergence of communications and hearing protection and was designed to military durability standards and offers low-profile ear-cups for compatibility with various tactical helmets, state of the art digital sound processing for optimal reproduction of environmental sounds and leading radio frequency (RF) shielding. Patented Digital Threat Compression Technology (DTCT) safely reduces hazardous ambient sounds while simultaneously providing the user with continuous situational awareness. These progressive attributes, as well as an array of others, enable the Liberator II tactical headset to be worn comfortably under MICH, ACH, PASGT, Ops-Core™, and other ballistic helmets and provide the performance that supports operator safety and mission completion. Our robust design includes an industry-leading, dual-layer waterproofing process for phenomenal protection of electronic components and vastly increases the lifespan of the equipment.

The electronic hearing protection system offers the most advanced technology available. While less progressive systems ‘clip’ or ‘cutoff’ ambient sounds, the Liberator II also features digital threat compression technology (DTCT) which reduces specific harmful sounds, while allowing the user to hear safe, low-level sounds while protection is engaged. Liberator II tactical headsets provide exceptional communications, electronic hearing protection and TCI’s digital situational awareness enhancement (DSAE) during demanding situations. The ability to maintain peripheral hearing and amplify potential danger signs and audio cues from the environment are vital for any tactical mission. Equally important is the threat localisation system that the headset provides. Our DSAE technology provides 360 degrees ambient sound reproduction and unbelievable situational awareness. This technology is the most accurate method of environmental sound replication, threat identification and closely replicates natural hearing. Specifically, dual external microphones continuallyprocess ambient sounds and instantaneously provide NNR 21 (up to 29dB) of hearing protection to protect the user from exposure to harmful static-state and impulse sounds and a battery life of 600 hours using two conventional AAA batteries.

The Liberator II has two different suspension systems available, the traditional over the head suspension (OTH) and the behind the head suspension (BTH). The Liberator II – BTH was designed to provide enhanced comfort under ballistics helmets, including various conventional and ‘high cut’ helmet systems. The BTH suspension system is highly adjustable and provides excellent stability during vigorous activities. If your unit or agency uses or intends to use ballistic helmets, we recommend you select behind the head suspension (BTH) option.

Modular Antenna System

The Modular Antenna System – Tactical was created to allow tactical operators to relocate and remote their radio antennas to improve line of sight (LOS) communications, reduce the potential for interference caused by certain types of radio antennas and decrease visual obstructions caused by radio antennas. This is achieved by relocating radio antennas to a more advantageous location using our high-performance RF cables and use of the universal antenna harness. Simply relocating the radio can present secondary issues since immediate access to the controls of the radio is typically a necessity during missions.

Many of us know that tactical radios present a clear problem to operators trying to keep the radio in an easily accessible location without having to deal with the burden of the antenna’s performance being compromised by proximity with the user’s torso, interference with other gear as well as visual obstruction as a result of the position of the antenna. MAST™ is able to accomplish this and improve line of sight communication by up to 40% and associated human factors previously mentioned. MAST helps you reduce potential interference with the weapon placement, weapon transitions, manual dexterity or peripheral. Whether you are trying to place a charge, treat a casualty, or lying in the prone, MAST ensures that the antenna will be well out of your way using the universal antenna harness mount while affording you the best possible communications.

MAST systems use custom designed cables that are electronically matched to the specific frequency and impedance requirements of tactical radios. In addition, they are uniquely built by TCI to withstand the harshest operational environments, accidental snags and all the metal connectors have been factory anodized in black to prevent unwanted shine or reflections. The universal antenna harness mount keeps the antenna secured properly preventing any accidental repositioning during tactical deployment.

The universal antenna harness mount is designed to attach to any MOLLE™ / PALS webbing system using the included Malice™ Clip and will fit any of the primary MBITR and PRC152 antennas, as well as other selected antennas. MAST comes in four primary versions depending upon your radio model and preferences.

To find out more information on these and other TCI products, please visit their catalog here.

TCI prides itself on its ability to accurately interpret customers’ needs and intended applications and then develop and build custom radio-human interface equipment. A customer simply needs to provide us with the communications platform for which the headset or earpiece is intended, the desired application, and any additional custom thresholds such as cable lengths and connector types. Our subject matter experts and engineers will work directly with you to either create a new system or adapt existing products to fit your need.

TCI’s skill set is not limited to just the creation of new products but the revitalisation of previously purchased gear. We can also modify or update your existing TCI products with the latest connectors, electronics, or cables. TCI also has the ability to adapt, update, or modify certain kinds of systems from other companies, which is only limited by the quality of their product, availability of necessary parts and electronics.