Systematic has announced that it has opened a Branch Office in Canberra to support the Australian Defence Force’s IRIS Gold Licence.

Since 2002, the ADF have held a force-wide licence which provides unlimited use of IRIS Forms, IMT Runtime and IMT Developer for the ADF and is managed by the Tactical Information Exchange Interoperability Office (TIE IO).

During 2010, TIE IO also procured Systematic’s IRIS Standards Management product, including 3-years maintenance, as an upgrade from IRIS DEF to assist in their management of the Australian Message Text Format (ASMTF) standard.

"Establishing an office in Canberra is a great opportunity for us at Systematic," said Mike Magill, President of Systematic (UK), "It means that the are in a position to better server a highly valuable customer. The recent renewal extends our maintenance contract into 2014 and we look forward to working very closely with the team at TIE IO."

The local branch office will support TIE IO in their management of these contracts and identifying emerging opportunities within Australia.