Systematic is supporting Cranfield University’s Simulation and Synthetic Environment Laboratory (SSEL) at The Defence Academy of the UK at Shrivenham where an interactive ISTAR demonstrator rig is being developed for the Defence Capability Centre (DCC).

The aim is to enhance the role of the DCC by providing an engaging interactive educational experience.

The SitaWare suite of software provides the command and control capability for the system which comprises ten networked PCs configured to be used in two different ways: first, as an interactive experience for visitors, and second as an educational tool for specific courses.

SitaWare Headquarters and Headquarters WebCOP provide students with a comprehensive set of tools for high-level, operational planning and situational awareness; while SitaWare Frontline provides those on the ground the capability for tactical planning, reporting and messaging. Working together, the SitaWare products enable pervasive interoperability between those at the frontline and those at the very highest level of command.

Additionally, the SitaWare to DIS/HLA Gateway, developed by IFAD and Systematic, is used to connect SitaWare to the VBS2 and SteelBeasts Pro simulation software from Bohemia Interactive Simulations and eSim Games respectively.

A number of locally developed teaching applications, such as the reconfigurable SSEL Crewstation Simulator and the TacMap simple blue-force tracker application are also used, together with some MOD-provided simulation tools.

Being comprised of a mix of commercial off-the-shelf products, the installation demonstrates how a generic and reconfigurable facility can be readily and easily achieved, with the minimum of development effort, totalling no more than four man days in this case, by using COTS products which adhere to relevant open standards.