Steatite Limited has recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Taiwan Trade Centre, the Department of Economic Development, Taipei City Government and Taiwan Republic of China (ROC) in an effort to further enhance its cooperation.

This acceptance from the Taiwan Trade Centre follows Steatite’s recent efforts in winning substantial business for Taiwanese manufacturing within the UK and in particular within the government sector.

The agreement recognises the importance of collaboration between Steatite, the Taiwan Trade Centre, Taipei City Government and the Taiwanese Electronics Industry in promoting technology and services, as well as highlighting its desire to establish long term relationships. Signing are Chi-Jui Huang, commissioner Taipei City Government, Cheng-Fen Chang, executive director, Taiwan Trade Council and John Lavery, managing director, Steatite.

John Lavery commented on the signing; "This is a positive step in recognising the achievements of Steatite and its relationships with Taiwanese manufacturing Companies.

"It culminates after a three-year cooperation to design world class leading edge technology that will be Instrumental in domestic law enforcement issues.

"The UK office lead by Mr Donald Lu has been the corner stone in this agreement with continuous support and assistance throughout the programme and I would like to go on record thanking them for their cooperation."