The ability to source enterprise class server hardware with pre-configured Windows Embedded software has been an issue for the industrial sector for a number of years. To address this, the only option previously was to go with OEM software and fixed hardware configurations. Steatite Limited has launched a range of new, fully-customisable server solutions that are designed to meet the requirements of industrial applications.

The Ndura Server range will be built and delivered to customers with a complete customised Windows Embedded Server OS and optional SQL server installations. This solution is ideally suited to industries such as defence, security and broadcast, where a need for SQL databases on stable platforms with reliability, performance and longevity of supply are critical.

As a Microsoft Embedded Gold Partner since 2008, the in-house Microsoft certified design team are able to engineer an operating system to enhance the reliability of industrial systems. Combined with the ability to supply legacy Windows desktop and Server operating systems for a minimum of ten years from launch, a Windows Embedded O/S is the ideal platform for industrial systems.

Further information on the Ndura Server range can be found via the Steatite Wordsworth website at Steatite Industrial Server Solutions.